16 Oct 2016


Prancing Pony Brewery


It was a wet, cold and early start to the morning. We all met at the Mile End Homemaker Centre ready for our cruise up Devil’s Elbow and then to our first stop The Prancing Pony Brewing Co for lunch.

The drive up the freeway and then onto Devil’s Elbow had a very “Silent Hill” feel to it with a thick fog-blanketing the road. Once we reached our first stop we all piled into the brewery for lunch. The dining room is right in the center of the brewery so you could see the machinery they use to make the beer.

After lunch, we continued our drive heading towards Birdwood for our next stop. Shortly after leaving the Prancing Pony we had our first U-Turn, but it was smooth sailing to Birdwood after that. Arriving at a local bakery for coffee and sweets in Birdwood, where we ended our cruise. Thanks to all who attended.

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