20 Aug 2017


Smiling Samoyed Brewery


On a cold but clear Chicago morning, 9 pilgrims gathered for the journey of a lifetime. The Foodland at Frewville was the meeting point, and even though it was Sunday, Father Pat was in attendance with world traveller Cassie, for the Red Stangs debut run. Amongst the starters were Ben, Pete and Helen, Brett and Declan, Paul and Trudy, Pat and Cassie, Liam (on his second cruise with the club), your hosts Darren and Lauren, along with an interloper in a blue XR6.

We made our way up Glen Osmond Road, then onto the freeway, before turning off at the Stirling exit. We travelled through Aldgate, onto Echunga, Meadows, before hitting what I believe is the best road in SA, Bull Creek Road. I believe it was designed by the makers Forza 4. Long, sweeping bends, hard accelerating corners, but driven responsibly and adhering to speed limits at all times. After all that responsible driving, we needed a break, so pulled over for coffee and twinkles at the shopping centre at Goolwa. It was quite chilly here, and isn't wasn't long before we headed off for a lap of Victor and waited for Matt to arrive after losing the interloper.. Someone had slept in...we then travelled West like the Cowboys did, but instead of searching for gold, we went hunting for a Ferry. After a scenic cruise, we pulled up at Cape Jervis, to witness the ferry just departing. 

Another brief stop for coffee, we were surprised that the gift shop sold beanies with New York logos on them. I'm guessing the KI embroidered ones are on sale in NY. 45 minutes later, we hit our destination in Myponga, walked thru the markets, before entering the Smiling Samoyed Brewery. It was a great feast, good company, and we tasted a couple of good brews. A fun day was enjoyed by all, before a drive home saw the heavens open, wetting the cars for the long journey.

~ Darren ~

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