21 Oct 2018




We had 6 cars come along for the cruise to Meningie. Darren led the way and Liam volunteered to be the sweeper. A short trip through Greenhill Rd, then up Glen Osmond, and finally onto the freeway. Ethan said he liked the way the trees looked along Greenhill Rd.

We passed through some lovely towns in the hills, before getting onto the open road at Meadows towards Strathalbyn. It was quite pleasant there, upon arrival we had a coffee, stretched the legs, and picked up a hitch hiker (my dad, looking dashing in a nice hat). It was then a pleasant trip through Langhorne Creek, across to Wellington, then onto the drop kick.

Once across the river, it was a short 30 minute cruise to the Meningie hotel for lunch. After lunch we all made our way home. A pleasant day was had by most.

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