27 Jul 2019




When we joined the club 2 years ago, we knew that we might be a bit limited in the events that we could attend due to the 2 hour drive to Adelaide from Waikerie. Every trip we’ve done we have both very much enjoyed with the added bonus of meeting some grea t people so we decided that we would like to host what turned into 3P Day at our house on July 27 th 3P being the 3 things we love eating most: Paella, Pizza and Pudding! Our great kids were on hand to help with the prep work on the day prior which helped make everything run smoothly on Saturday. It was another gorgeous Riverland winter’s day so when the group of 15 arrived around 11, we took the opportunity to sit outside. John cooked the best paella we’ve made so far, and was also a dab hand at pizza making (his specialty!) getting 8 out in reasonable time. Sticky Date Pudding finished off the meal around 2.30 and while we saw members off after a round 3, our really great kids did the clean up!!

We really enjoyed hosting the group at our home and were surprised to be presented with gifts by Brett on be half of the club . It’s here I would like to note that Robyn (Moseley) really goes out of her way attending to the littl e crafty details with the gifts and thank you card one very talented arty lady, so a big thank you to Robyn who couldn’t make the day.

Thanks to everyone who made the trip up .

Robyn & John Copeland

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