22 Sep 2019


Bonython Park, Adelaide


It was a cold and dewy morning to start things off, classic for the annual All Ford Day which our club helps to run. All our members showed up early to help set up the grounds for the busy day ahead.

The club then got to set up our grand display. With 18 great looking cars ready for our display and with help from Brett and Brenton , I got to work on my first club display. The end result looked fantastic if I do say so myself. We could be seen from miles away.

Throughout the day our members were a great help on the gate taking money from patrons, marshalling and helping with judging and in the judging tent entering data. Thanks to everyone who helped, it made everything on the day run smoothly.

When presentation time came, some of our members were fortu nate enough to win 1 st and 2 nd place trophies which they were very proud of and a great representation of the club. A h uge congratulations to Aaron Hadwen for taking out the Blu e Ribbon for p lastic bumper, a huge achievement!

A massive thanks to Sean, Kim and Paul for their work on the day and leading up to the day. It was successful and a fun filled day thanks to them!

Congratulations to the following members who came away with an award on the day .

Sue Hadwen Winner FG GT

Brett Moseley Runner Up F G GT

John Moyle Runner Up BA/BF Falcon

Chris Field Runner Up FGX

Aaron Hadwen Winner Mustang Plastic Bumper

Aaron Hadwen Winner Blue Ribbon Plastic Bumper

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