31 Mar 2019




A cloudy sky worried the nine cars that showed up at Munno Para shopping centre to begin the Kegel bowling cruise. It was a great turn out with a great bunch of people to lead on my first cruise, being at the front of the pack was a fun for a change. We took the back streets through the hills and made our way to Tanunda where Terry from the Kegel Bowling Club welcomed us and introduced us to the game, all its rules and scoring.

After all members had played a round we decided to set up for lunch. With the help of a few members we had a marquee set up and two tables full of food. Everyone chipped in and brought either something savoury or sweet to put on the table. With home baked goods, meat platters, chicken and salads everyone had a plate full of food and a full stomach by the end of it.

When lunch was finished we headed back inside and had another round of bowling. By end of it we had a tie, Sean Malone and Chris Field both scoring a whopping 39 for only two rounds (the scoring was a bit different to 10 pin bowling).

We then packed up and made our way to the Lyndoch bakery (after being informed by Mr Wadham about half price ice creams). The members enjoyed iced and hot coffees, milkshakes, cakes and of course ice creams. This was where the journey ended for the Kegel Bowling Cruise as everyone made their own way home.

A big thank you for everyone that joined me on the cruise and for bringing something to share for lunch. It was a great day out with an awesome group of people.

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