17 Feb 2019


Adelaide Beaches


The pressure was on, our first go at organising a cruise, a mystery cruise at that. We met at Keswick at a civil 10.00 o’clock on a perfect Sunday morning; everyone had a guess at our final destination based on clues on the flyer. We set off and cruised down Anzac Highway, Brighton road and Lonsdale Highway. All the while Trudy entertained with historical facts and property investment tips. After crossing the Onkaparinga we headed to the coast, and followed the Esplanade down to Port Willunga for a photo op. and wee stop. After the break we diverted from our planned route to see some of the local award winning housing, which really entertained some of the drivers. We headed inland to throw a bit of confusion into our final destination, returning to the coast and ending up at Maslins Beach (not the nudie bit). There we had a picnic lunch overlooking the sea.

Congrats to Tony & Lee for picking up on the “Bathers Optional” clue in the flyer. Thanks to Chris and Juanita for their excellent sweeping, and all those who attended. Paul & Trudy

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