05 Oct 2019




It all started at Mitcham with dessert, Saudade to be exact a little shop (now inside the shopping centre) that only does Portuguese Custard Tarts (and drinks) and it didn’t need to do anything else. Chris & Juanita arrived early to hijack all the tables (of which there were only four) and watched as the trays kept emptying in the constant traffic of shoppers. Thankfully, there were more in the oven. Delicious is one of many descriptions of these little tarts.

Chris & Juanita brought a ring - in along, a visitor from the UK who kept Paul company on the cruising parts and from all reports some reminiscing ensued.

From Mitcham, we journeyed up past Windy Point, through Blackwood, past all the South Road roadworks to O’Halloran Hill, across towards the beach and then followed Brighton Road down past Glenelg. From there we ventured along past West Beach Shores and onto Seaview Road Henley Beach, not the best decision for a fine eve ning that brought most of Adelaide out to Henley Square or so it seemed. From here onto Military Road heading to Semaphore and following the Esplanade along the beach to North Haven. For those who attended the Treasure Hunt cruise, this portion was fami liar. Despite all the roadworks, traffic (vehicle & pedestrian) and traffic lights, we managed to stay together quite well.

We arrived at our main course destination at the Marina Palermo Café Ristorante. It was quite busy (a good sign) and by the time we were all served (and huge portions they were!) we decided entrée at a mystery destination in Tea Tree Plaza was probably not going to happen. After some chaos with paying (more than one entertainment voucher always appears to confuse the venue s) we again followed the treasure hunt course Victoria Road, Port River Expressway, Salisbury Highway, Port Wakefield Road and finished up for coffee, milkshakes, ice creams and donuts at Krispy Kreme.

All in all, an adventurous evening was enjoyed.

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