30 Jun 2019




There were six participating cars meet at the old Port Adelaide Flour Mill on a cold morning to begin this cruise . Part 1 included several stops for answer collecting and to begin the treasure hunting (for those th at read the instructions properly). Collecting then continued to Semaphore, Osborne and Globe Derby before arriving at Krispy Kreme for coffee and a donut (and more answers). It was here the competitors/participants exchanged Part 1 for Part 2. So far, so good most expressing how much fun they were having and no divorces yet.

We all enjoyed the stop, with Chris nearly having to kick everyone out to make sure we arrived on time for lunch. Not long after everyone left and Chris & Juanita headed out at which time our first participants arrived at the lunch venue.

Part 2 saw our contestants roaming around Salisbury, Parafield Airport and then a long Main North Road trying to be observant along the way. We had one answer that had changed since the dry run everyone was given that one. Lunch was lovely at The Gully Public House & Garden our final destination with all eventually arriving and speaking to each other an excellent outcome for at least one team. By all accounts, a fun day was had by all.

We would like to congratulate and thank everyone for playing in the spirit of the day and not appearing to use Mr Google for the answers and also well done for not resorting to the SOS envelopes our instructions must have been very good. A special congratulations to Sean & Kim for photographic evidence of almost everything, to Robyn for her gymnastics at the canon and especially to Paul for his photo showing us all what 6”is.

Finally, the results:

First - Sean & Kim

Second - Paul & Trudy

Last - Jordan & Billy

Thanks again, and we look forward to participating in the next Treasure Hunt.

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