21 Jul 2019


Adelaide Hills


We started the cruise at Newton Village Shopping Centre. It was a lovely day for a drive. We headed out of the car park and immediately improvised on the original planned route (maps and instructions are only suggestions, aren’t they?) but we were glad w e did. It had been a little difficult t o devise a route that the Twilight Hills Cruise had not travelled. Travelling up through the twists and bends of the hills it was gr eat to see some beautiful scenery, if a little eerie for some of us at times. It is truly lovely t o see so much green around for a change. Our first stop was at Melba’s Chocolate Factory where we all indulged in a little luxury, with some venturing next door to the Cheese Wrights shop. Our final destination was the Woodside Hotel. The carpark across the road at the pool looked awesome with all our beasties lined up.

Thank goodness we had booked indoors, outside it was a little chilly and noisy once the band started (not to mention a birthday party had dibs on the outdoor venue). We all enjoyed a lo vely winters lunch from the al a carte men u which was extensive a nd catered for all diets. We did however wonder who had prepared the s pecials b oard and decided that ribs would make a good dessert!! We finished up the meals and thanks to many entertainment vouchers offered, with as many as we we re allowed to use, the discount was donated to our charity. Whilst we had lovely weather to start the cruise, the trip home was not so pleasant striking thick fog on the way down the freeway making the decision to leave the ‘don’t get wet/not a boat’ cars at home was a wise one.

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