30 Jan 2021


Wayville Showgrounds


A small turnout for this one with 4 cars attending the show n shine. Meeting at Mile End homemaker we travelled the short distance to the showgrounds entrance. After a short wait we were let in to start our set up. Even with 4 cars we still looked good with a black, blue and green cars!!

Once set up we sat back and relaxed while the public came streaming in. Sue and Brenton had their cars on display inside the pavilion and they looked fantastic as always.

Mid afternoon rolled around and it was time for the trophy presentation. Sean received the “Best European” trophy which was very well deserved!! After the trophies were given out we headed back to our display to pack up and head out before the Zippel cars were due to roll in.

Congratulations to Brenton also for picking up the “Best high tech engine bay” trophy this year, well done the GT looked awesome!!

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Kemp Propulsion Systems

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