06 Feb 2021




Something a little bit different for the club and meeting a little later in the day than usual but it started at Krispy Kreme which is becoming more popular for our meet spots (the presidents love for donuts must be rubbing off on members!). We departed Krispy Kreme and made our way along the expressway towards the coast.

Cruising through semaphore then Henley and Brighton while trying to stay as close to the beach as possible. Even though the weather was dark and a little gloomy it was nice to go along the beach and watch some of the waves roll in.

Now moving a little further from the beach we made our way down to Hallett cove where we had made it to our destination at the Boat Shed Cafe which was a new spot for the club and most members.

We all had lovely meals ranging from schnitzels to pasta and pizza which was then followed by coffees and hot chocolates for the members who wanted a nice warm drink to finish off the evening.

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