15 Mar 2014


It was a cold windy and wet evening the night of our cruise, when we met at out meeting place it was blowing a gale.  Everyone shivered even with coats and hats on.  We almost lost George when the wind lifted him and his umbrella off the ground before it turned itself inside out and collapsed.  It did look a little funny.  We had a new couple join us for the night and after introductions we head off with fingers crossed that  the weather would settle.   We arrived and found a spot before we hit the kiosk to stock up on munchies, some even needed a box to carry all their munchies back to their car - not bad considering they were the only ONE in the car.    The weather did clear and we managed to see the movie without having to use our wipers, although during the break we were all forced back into our cars.   The movie was most enjoyable and we all had a good laugh, we look forward to doing again.

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